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Do-it-yourself divorce is when you go through the divorce process without the help of an attorney, meaning that you prepare for the court hearing by yourself.

Representing yourself in a divorce is legal in North Carolina, though it is not recommended for contested divorce cases. If the case is uncontested, many couples seek alternative and inexpensive ways to arrange the marriage termination. In an uncontested divorce, the main issue of the process is the paperwork.

A DIY divorce is a cheap option since you are not spending money on legal representatives.

However, if you have no experience with legal matters, you could run into a roadblock trying to handle the paperwork. Documents can be time-consuming and difficult to fill out. And if you make a mistake, it could mean having to start the process over again. This is where NorthCarolinaOnlineDivorce.com can help. NorthCarolinaOnlineDivorce.com takes on the whole process of the divorce form preparation in North Carolina. And it is far cheaper than the fees charged by lawyers for the same job.

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Customer Testimonials
Linda C.
I have been separated for 19 years and dreaded going through a long process to get divorced. I went online and found this Great company which made it so easy! I love them so much. Had I tried earlier I would have been divorced 18 years ago!
Review stars
Jennifer J.
Expensive but for me worth the hassle of trying to figure everything out on my own and expensive fees from lawyer.
Review stars
Valeda G.
The process of filing for my divorce was made easy with the use of NConlinedivorce.com. The online lawyers and staff was readily available when I needed. The services with the premium upgrade packages is affordable an easy to use. I liked the convenience of doing everything online.
Review stars
Christopher G.
Easy to do and very helpful for those of us that don't really understand lawyer talk.
Review stars
Mame D B.
It was a very quick process with a touch of a button. This has been so helpful to me, I am a very busy woman.
Review stars
Ronnie B.
Customer service was great , I had an issue that needed immediate attention and customer service didn’t let me down
Review stars
Paul R.
Been trying to get divorced for years but never had the money to hire a lawyer. This was fast and easy and it didn't cost a whole a lot of money to do. Thanks
Review stars
Tonia B.
I really appreciate your services. It was quick, with easy to follow directions. I definitely would recommend your services to a friend. I appreciate you business. Thank you.
Review stars
Jorge M.
Easy to filled out, great customer service. Didn't have a problem with anything.
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